Next-gen Golf GTI

The forthcoming eighth generation Volkswagen Golf GTI will underline its stereotypical sporty and engaging character with an all-new Vehicle Dynamics Manager system for even more performance.

Volkswagen says the next-generation Golf GTI will be the most digital, networked and sharply designed iteration of the iconic hot hatch it has ever produced.

GTI drivers will be able to select personalised set-up options using the onboard driving profile selection feature and the optional adaptive DCC running gear. 

Unmistakeable design aesthetics, perfect ergonomics and above all unadulterated driving pleasure form the DNA of a true sports car. Volkswagen believes this is represented by three letters: GTI. 

The eighth generation of the sports-themed Golf derivate is now on the way and Volkswagen says it is destined to be more digital, more networked and more sharply designed and active in motion than ever before.  

This will be underscored by the presence of a new Vehicle Dynamics Manager. Engineered to intelligently manage the electromechanical running gear systems, the GTI’s Vehicle Dynamics Manager will help ensure maximum dynamism and maximum comfort. 

Its turbocharged engine generates 180kW (245 PS).  

The eighth Golf GTI generation reflects front-wheel drive’s new status quo. The new Vehicle Dynamics Manager system plays a decisive part here, as Karsten Schebsdat – Head of Driving Dynamics, Steering and Control Systems – explains. 

“The higher-level control system centrally coordinates all electromechanical running gear functions,” he says. 

“Thanks to the combination of a new running gear setup plus front-axle locking differential and Vehicle Dynamics Manager, we can elevate the Golf GTI’s outstanding overall performance to an even higher level. This applies all the more if the DCC running gear featuring a new software application and adjustable dampers is also on board.”  

GTI drivers can select their very own setup using the standard driving profile selection feature and the optional adaptive DCC running gear. The sharper driving dynamics properties guarantee an even more accurate driving experience: understeer, a typical characteristic of front-wheel drive vehicles whereby the vehicle’s front wheels tend to lose grip through quick corners, has in effect been eliminated. 

The Golf GTI’s new design lives up to this tangibly enhanced dynamism as well.  

“The new Golf GTI boasts a very low, visual centre of gravity which we achieved through the wide air intakes at the front and the striking shoulder line. This superior, sporty character gives aesthetic expression to the vehicle’s potential,” says Klaus Bischoff, Head of the Volkswagen Group Design department. 

Standard LED headlights have been arranged low down. These are optionally available as IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights that form a striking crossbar in conjunction with the radiator grille.  

The signature red ‘GTI line’ towards the top of the bonnet stretches across the front section. For the very first time, the radiator grille can be illuminated by a slim LED strip that extends into the headlight modules’ LED daytime running lights on the left and right – an unmistakable light signature.  

From the side, standard Richmond 17-inch alloy wheels perfectly match the vehicle’s image. At the rear, a GTI roof spoiler that extends significantly towards the rear boosts the downforce at the rear axle.  

Down below, the sporty diffuser distinguishes the new edition of this icon from the other versions of the product line with smaller engines. In keeping with the GTI tradition, the new model’s exhaust system has one round tailpipe each on the left and the right.  

Back in 1976 Volkswagen created an unmistakeable interior style in the first ever Golf GTI: this flair has been retained in the new version, with its enhanced digital capabilities and typical GTI details.  

The Golf GTI now features an Engine Start/Stop button as standard. As a completely new feature, once the doors have been opened, the button pulses red until the GTI engine is started. The three-spoke sports steering wheel of yesteryear has been transformed into a new multifunction leather sports steering wheel with touch controls and an optional Travel Assist button to help the Golf GTI reach a top speed of 210km/h while Travel Assist is engaged.  

The three silver spokes have been retained – in the GTI the centre spoke has been upgraded with a red interior. GTI insignia also include the new interpretation of the tartan pattern (‘Scalepaper’) on the sports seats, which are also a new development.   

The all-new Volkswagen Golf GTI will represent the best of iconic sports heritage and cutting-edge technology when it debuts globally. 

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