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The future is electric.

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Its coming.

Volkswagen New Zealand is committed to showing long-term electric vehicle leadership in the New Zealand market. We have brought in a number of evaluation units of the 100% electric e-Golf. We are now working closely with the factory to secure pricing and production for units to arrive later this year. This production will be of the recently facelifted e-Golf with a 50% greater battery capacity. Register your interest to be the first to know and experience the new e-Golf.

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“The evaluation units have been really successful, and corporates, in particular, have embraced the technology and the fact that the e-Golf operates just like any other Volkswagen. The evaluation units are now part of a corporate trial called the “Electric Day Pass”. This day pass enables approved corporates and large organisations to allow key members of their organisation to trial the e-Golf as part of their business travel. The e-Golfs are conveniently located at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch domestic airports. Find out more at electricdaypass.co.nz”


Introducing the eGolf

The new fully electric e-Golf is powered by lithium-ion batteries (36kWh) and comes with an electric motor producing 100kW of power.

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The healthy amount of torque from the e-Golf’s electric motor makes it a good fit for city driving. Like all electric vehicles, all the thrust is available the second you step on the accelerator, so it can feel surprisingly fast.

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Stable handling and an exceptionally steady ride are an inherent advantage of the batteries’ low-down location in the vehicle. Its power steering gives a smooth response and it feels almost as agile as a normal Golf.

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Driving Modes.

The e-Golf offers four unique levels of regenerative braking the driver can choose to control the rate of battery recharge. This is helpful in slow-moving traffic helping to extend the range and enhance efficiency. Additionally, three different driving modes are offered which tailor the characteristics of the drivetrain to suit the driver – Normal, Eco and Eco +


Features & Design.

This is a five seat electric car that is designed as part of the highly successful Golf family and is produced alongside the more conventionally powered Golfs. The design and features are very familiar to operate for those who know Volkswagen models. In the quality of its finish, appearance, ergonomics, usability and practicality, like any Golf, it sets the benchmark for hatchbacks.

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Range and Charging.

We expect the new e-Golf will have a range in excess of 200km as the battery has a 50% greater capacity at 36kWh. The evaluation units have a battery capacity of 24kWh and the AA has conducted a “real driving range” test to achieve over 150km.

The e-Golf comes with a trickle charger that plugs into your home domestic plug socket and will charge the car overnight (85% of EVs in the US are charged this way). In New Zealand, there are now over 60 fast charging stations which have the European standard of plug - Type 2/CCS (that the e-Golf has) that will provide an 80% battery charge in just over half an hour. Must have apps for your smartphone include “PlugShare” and the “Vector EV Charging” apps that also show maps of these charging stations.