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Deja VW

You will need to take a second look. A Beetle? Yes! But a Beetle that has grown up and become sportier for the 21st century.From every angle, its masculine proportions make it appear more dynamic than ever before.But when it comes to the impression it leaves on the road, it’s up to you to decide by choosing from the wide range of wheels.


TSI engine

TSI engines are compact, high-powered and use less fuel than your average engine, which can only be good for your hip pocket. TSI technology results in excellent drivability and instant acceleration whichever gear you're in. Overtaking is safer and you can power up hills with no delay. Low consumption while not sacrificing performance is what this engine is about.

Touch screen stereo + Bluetooth + ipod.

Whether you like to listen to your favourite radio station, a much-loved CD or the latest music downloads, the Beetle’s RCD510 touch screen audio system has you covered. Easy to operate, it incorporates a 6-disc CD player, SD card slot and delivers sound via eight high-performance speakers.

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