The T-Roc R-Line

T-Roc 1180x659.jpg

A compact SUV

Volkswagen have introduced a new compact SUV to the range. Built on the MQB platform, the T-Roc slots just under the Tiguan.

troc birds eye 588x331.jpg

Show the world who you are

On the hunt for a car with distinctive character? Behind the wheel of a T-Roc, you get to drive a cutting-edge crossover that impresses with its confident design.

Wheel troc.jpg

Make a Sporty Statement

Make an impression with the T-Roc which will be sure to impress with R-Line equipment as standard. With 19" alloy wheels and a black roof*, standing out from the crowd has never been easier

780x439 driver assist troc.jpg
The T-Roc does it all for you.

And it's not just critical situations when you'll be happy to have assistance systems like the standard "Lane Assist" system, the adaptive cruise control, the "Traffic Jam Assist" function, and the "Emergency Assist" function on board: they also make day-today driving more confident.

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