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We are the largest dedicated Volkswagen service centre in NZ, catering to all Passenger and Commercial Volkswagen. Giltrap’s have two factory-approvedVolkswagen workshops, the first is located centrally via our Grey Lynn dealership with the second at Botany to cater to residents out East. At Giltrap Volkswagen we aim to be your one-stop-shop for all your Volkswagen’s needs.

While your Volkswagen is built to last, it needs to be properly and carefully maintained by the people who know how to best.

Find out more about the Volkswagen Service Advantage or see below for some of the key benefits of servicing with us.


Factory-Trained Technicians:

Factory trained technicians who do this work every day, know what to look for and how to fix it. We are confident our staff are the best in the business.

The Correct Tools

Our workshop utilises Volkswagen-factory diagnostic equipment, as well as specialist Volkswagen tools to help with removing or fitting parts without damaging your vehicle – this makes for a smooth and efficient operation.

Genuine Parts & Accessories

We only use genuine Volkswagen parts which also come with a 2 year factory warranty. Genuine parts are sure to fit, sure to perform, and sure to last.

Free Wash & Vacuum

This is just a touch that means to show you that we value delighting our customers. Nothing is better than getting your Volkswagen back from a service, and seeing that it is cared for – it feels better on the road and looks new with a wash, vac and tyre shine.

Courtesy Lift or Car

We have a large fleet of new-Volkswagen loan vehicles available (please book in advance). Alternatively we also offer a drop-off and collection service to the city or inner city suburbs.

Comfortable Waiting Lounge

We have two dedicated reception lounges, located either in the main building or in the Porsche showroom. Relax while your vehicle is being serviced and enjoy, tea, coffee, cold beverages, free WiFi, arrange of magazines and newspapers, and television to ensure that all amenities are on hand.

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Service Menu

Here’s a closer look at some of the service options available, for more details contact our expert Service Advisors.


Service Advantage

Transparent Service Costs with Volkswagen Service Advantage. Read More


Pre-Purchase Inspection from $255 incl GST

Trust the experts for a reliable assessment.

We will happily carry out a thorough pre-purchase inspection on a Volkswagen you may be interested in buying --

This check takes 3 hours to complete.


Wheel alignment from $115 incl GST (4 wheels)

Wheel Alignments are important to the handling of your car; they also improve fuel economy and extend tyre life.

During this service we measure your vehicles current castor, camber and toe and then adjust accordingly. This is to improve driver safety, handling, fuel efficiency, extended suspension life, tyre wear, & steering.

Some common problems when wheel alignment is out:

Steering: Wheel is difficult to turn / Pulls to the left or right / Vibrates /Steering wheel is off centre.

Tyre wear shows signs of: Uneven wear on one side / Feathering / Flat Spotting


Tyres from $POA

Tread and tyre pressure are the two critical factors to tyre safety. Tyres are a routine check with all vehicle services.


Engine Flush from $149 incl GST

Available at Grey Lynn Service Centre.

This service is designed to keep your engine functioning as it did the day it left the factory. Once your engine oil has been drained during your annual service, we connect our Bilstein machine and pump a heated detergent solution through the oil reservoir and throughout the engine. The solution then breaks up and dissolves any sludge, gunk and debris within the engine and flushes it out. This will optimize your fuel economy and prolong the life of your engine.

Recommended every two years.

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