Meet the Volkswagen Tarok: the friendlier ute

Here it is. What do you reckon? Would the Tarok be a go-er here in New Zealand? We certainly think so.

A few days ago we showed you a sketch of a new small ute planned by Volkswagen for the South American market that the company made no secret of the fact that it was considering it for a wider audience.

Well, here it is. What do you reckon? Would the Tarok be a go-er here in New Zealand? We certainly think so.

Volkswagen unveiled the Tarok Concept at the São Paulo International Motor Show and it says that the "all-wheel drive all-rounder combines the progressive features of the latest generation of digitally networked SUVs with the versatility of a cleverly designed five-metre pick-up."

The Tarok is based on the MQB platform, so is pretty much a Tiguan ute. Which we really like the idea of.
As we mentioned in the earlier article, it features a relatively small tray (compared to the likes of the larger Amarok), but has an innovative "variable loading area" that can be extended thanks to a folding rear panel in the back of the cabin.

The floor space can be extended by opening the tailgate or using the brand new mechanism that allows the bottom of the passenger cab rear panel to be folded down, meaning drivers can also use the back seat in the cab to transport extra-long items.
Volkswagen say that the production Tarok will be able to carry "around a tonne" in its tray.
The Tarok is also a proper one-tonner, or at least close to it, with VW claiming that the maximum load is "around one tonne."

Unlike the aging and conservative interior of the Amarok, the company says that the interior of the Tarok Concept "indicates a new way forward for Volkswagen in the pick-up segment, with its primarily digital design."

While the Tarok Concept is powered by a 1.4-litre 110kW four-cylinder petrol engine (hooked up to a 6-speed automatic transmission and permanent all-wheel drive) the production model will kick off with a 2.0-litre turbo diesel direct injection engine that also delivers 110kW. The Tarok is based on VWs MQB platform, so essentially shares its underpinnings with the Tiguan SUV.

A "tailgate" in the back of the cabin and some clever folding seats mean the Tarok will be able to easily handle longer loads.
Volkswagen has said it will soon be offering a production version of the Tarok Concept on the market in Brazil, with barely any changes and that it "also has the potential to boost Volkswagen's model range in other global markets."

Global markets that could well include New Zealand as, while Volkswagen has released no further details other than mentioning its global potential, Volkswagen New Zealand told Stuff that an RHD Tarok is something they would be very interested in indeed.