No challenge too big.

The charismatic new Polo is designed to meet the challenges of the modern world. Packed with advanced safety features, the new Polo is the perfect car for everyday travel - effortless smartphone connectivity and high-quality audio calls make it easy for you to access everything that matters to you.

Designed for living.

The new Polo has had a modern, sporty facelift. With a fresh, clean style and dynamic lines, it strikes the perfect balance between design and function.


Comfortable cruising.

The new Polo is longer, wider, and has an increased wheel base. The result? Even more headroom and legroom for driver and passengers alike.

Bigger is better.

Sometimes bigger is better. That’s why the new Polo has an impressive 351 litres boot capacity means that not only is there space for all your shopping - you can also pack everything you need to head off on your next adventure.


A helping hand when you need it most.

Taking the stress out of unexpected situations, the new Polo keeps you safer than ever before. If the Front Assist detects a possible collision, it lets you know with an acoustic and visual warning and prepares the car for emergency braking. If you don’t react, City Emergency Braking steps in to slow the car down, with the aim of fully avoiding a collision or reducing its impact.

Better than eyes in the back of your head.

Helping you react to whatever’s going on around you, Blind Spot Detection sensor provides a handy LED display in your wing mirror whenever a vehicle enters your blind spot.


As connected as you are.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. The new Polo’s sophisticated infotainment systems let you make every trip into an adventure with a stunning 20.3 cm (8 inch) touchscreen glass display. Connect your smartphone via App-Connect to access selected apps, maps and music.


Sound. Check.

If music is your life, you’ll be eager to hear all about our Polo Beats model, designed for those who demand premium quality audio.